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Since 1875, this 88-acre piece of land in Woodland Park, Colorado, has been a stable for commuters. "The barn's on the hill."

The photo to the left is of the the rail. At one time the Colorado Midland Railway traveled and raced horses through the 88-acre piece land from Florissant, CO. into Woodland Park. 

The family spent many days waking up to the sounds of travelers and hooves.

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We are currently in the process of collecting historical material on the ranch to be added here later. If you have any information or picture, please share them with us. 


The Kaberna Family recently took ownership of Red Tail Ranch. Showing homage to the previous owners, the Kaberna's are retaining the Red Tail Ranch name. The Family has not only created a state-of-the-art equestrian center, but they are keeping the traditions alive. 

This isn't Darren's first rodeo. Darren grew up on a farm in northern Wisconsin, maintaining it as a working family farm for 15+ years, participating in 4-H, and falling in love with the ranch life. Over the past three years, Darren and his wife Christine, along with their three boys, have embraced Darren's desire to bring a community style ranch to Woodland Park.

After successfully operating Woodland Park Horse Boarding, the family desired more. The original ranch, Red Tail Ranch, became available at the same time the Kaberna' were looking for the ideal family style ranch. It seemed to be the perfect match - and that's exactly what it was.

Upon learning more about the history of Red Tail Ranch, the Kabernas chose to make this the new location for their community dream.

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