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  • Do you provide grain?
    We do not provide grain for your horse. However, you are welcome to furnish it (and/or any supplements) and we will feed it at your direction.
  • I am visiting family on vacation, can I bring my horse?"
    We would be happy to accomodate your short-term boarding needs. We do require a current Coggins and up-to-date vaccination records.
  • Do you offer self service boarding?
    Sadly, with all the amenities we offer, we cannot accomodate self-service boarding at this time.
  • How do you keep your clients informed of all that is going on with their horses?
    We use an app and log everthing that takes place with your horse. So all you have to do is grab your phone and look up your horse to see the latest and greatest with it. This app costs you nothing but allows you to track everthing with your horse. No more looking for that notebook that galloped off!
  • Do you offer farrier services?
    We do not provide farrier services, but we can recommend farriers if you would like an introduction.
  • Do you offer medical care for my horse?
    We do not provide medical care, but we can introduce to you very qualified veterinarians who will administer the necessary care/treatment. We observe the horses on a daily bases for any issues about which the owner should be notified.
  • How much hay do you feed?
    The horses have 24 hour access to 6 Hayboss slow feeders. This decreases competition for feed and makes for happier horses. It also keeps them from eating as much off the ground and decreases parasite issues. Bottom line: We feed per your request, so share with us the amount of hay your horse needs and we will find a way to accomodate it
  • How will you keep my horse safe?
    Our entire facility has perimeter fencing, in addition to subdivided areas. Access to the property is protected by a security gate to prevent someone from wandering onto the property. Plans include the addition of video surveillance in the very near future as an extra layer of safety.
  • How will you keep the boarders safe?
    We interview each person who expresses interest in boarding, which allows us to assess their knowledge and responsibility. In the event we encounter someone who does not appear to use proper horse sense around animals, they will not be allowed to board with us. Safety for people and animals is our Number One Priority. Incase of Emergency the nearest hospital is on the other side of the fence UCHealth Pikes Peak Regional Hospital 16420 W US-24, Woodland Park, CO 80863
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