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Lessons & Training

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Liz Murphy has 25 year of horse experience and has taught introductory lessons and up to second level dressage.  She rides both English and Western and has competed in western pleasure, competitive trail, jumping, open horse show and dressage.  She trained under an FEI level rider and judge, an international TREC rider, and a well known hunter/dressage trainer since she was 15.  She is currently schooling in the second level and enjoys share her passion with others to help create a bond and partnership between you and your horse.
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Andy Lowel rode a horse before he could walk and has never looked back.  He has trained under some of the biggest names in horse training and loves to teach horses to feel the most subtle cues their riders can give them.  He has competed in Western Pleasure, reining, roping and most every Western discipline.  If you are having challenges with your horse and it needs some correction, he will tune it up for you.  If you have young colt you want started the right way, he is your guy!

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